What Can I Do?

When your town is in need of widespread community support, it’s often difficult to know how to help… or how easy it is to help.

Here’s a list of ways you can get involved and have your voice heard. Remember, we elect our officials. They welcome our participation.


Check the Town of Chatham site often and spread the word to your neighbors of meeting dates, minutes posted, etc. Here is a link to the proposed zoning laws.

Read the full FAQ page for more information on the proposed zoning laws as well as the concerns of your neighbors.


Town Board Meetings are held at 488 State Route 295 on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM (this is typically when they workshop proposed laws) and on the third Thursday of the month at 6:00 PM. At the beginning and end of every meeting the public has an opportunity to speak. Don’t worry, everyone is courteous!

You don’t need to be a STR owner to be concerned about the proposed changes in the zoning laws. There are many issues, beyond this one, that require the Board’s understanding of the community’s opinions.

Bring your friends to the meetings! Everyone should feel welcome to participate in our local government and support our town.


Join your concerned neighbors and please sign the petition! After signing, share the petition link on your social media pages or email it to your friends and family.



Even if you already spoke up at a meeting, or if you are too nervous to do so, you can write letters to the Councilmen to have your opinion heard and officially placed on the record.

Town Supervisor
Maria Lull, 2016-2019
Town Hall: (518) 392-0044
Mobile: (518) 469-6800
Email: Supervisor@chathamnewyork.us

Deputy Town Supervisor
Bob Balcom, 2016-2019
Home: (518) 766-5768
Email: bbalcom@chathamnewyork.us

Council Members

Michael Richardson, 2019
Mobile:845-489-5959Email: mrichardson@chathamnewyork.us

Kevin Weldon, 2018-2021
Mobile: (518) 755-3478
Email: kweldon@chathamnewyork.us

John Wapner, 2018-2021
Home: (518) 392-3639Email: JWapner@chathamnewyork.us

Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Beth Anne Rippel, 2018-2021


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