The new proposed zoning laws impact more than just short-term rental owners and area businesses. These laws will also impact your rights as a property owner, real estate values, property taxes, local jobs, and the town’s economy as a whole.

Five Councilmen are dictating changes in the law without taking concerned citizens’ viewpoints into thoughtful consideration. Despite claiming to deliberate on what the public objections are, from current observation, it appears the Councilmen have simply allowed the public to speak but have not openly listened to or adjusted the proposed changes, except to make them more and more strict and limiting, with each revision.

We need a Board that approaches their responsibility with an open mind and with transparency. (Note: The town had not posted the minutes of any of the meetings from July, 2018 to March, 2019 until April 3rd.)

To push a law that would damage the town financially and infringe upon property owners’ rights only invites class-action lawsuits, costing the town tens of thousands of dollars to defend. This is a gross violation of the Town Council’s fiduciary responsibility.

If the town loses the suit, which multiple lawyers have suggested they would, the laws will be abolished and the creation of new zoning laws will have to begin all over again.

Which leads a logical person to ask, “Why won’t the Town Board listen to its citizens?”

We are a community. We need to speak up and voice our opinions to the Town Board. That is our right.

Check the Town of Chatham site often, attend meetings, and write letters to the Councilmen to have your opinion heard and placed on the record.

Read the full FAQ page for more details.

Join your concerned neighbors and please sign the petition!

Contact the Town Board to voice your concerns.

Town Supervisor
Maria Lull, 2016-2019
Town Hall: (518) 392-0044
Mobile: (518) 469-6800

Deputy Town Supervisor
Bob Balcom, 2016-2019
Home: (518) 766-5768

Council Members

Michael Richardson, 2019

Kevin Weldon, 2018-2021
Mobile: (518) 755-3478

John Wapner, 2018-2021
Home: (518) 392-3639Email:

Town Clerk/Tax Collector
Beth Anne Rippel, 2018-2021