Important Dates

The Comprehensive Plan Update Review Committee is collecting data and starting their community outreach by having meetings in the different town hamlets to discover the unique issues that exist in these specific hamlets.

The committee will also be doing a general public meeting at the Tri-Village Firehouse, at a later date, to address the needs of the rural communities as well.

(Note: They aren’t tossing out the current Comp Plan, just reviewing it to see what updates need to be made.)

See dates below and keep track of the committee’s road-trip tour, minutes, and link to current Comp Plan here.

From the committee: “We have an aggressive schedule for March meetings that will take place in the hamlets themselves, instead of at the Chatham Town Hall. Our goal is to reach out to each community to address their specific needs and get their input and thoughts on the current Comprehensive Plan. All are welcome!”

Saturday, March 7th:

North Chatham Firehouse, 653 Route 32, North Chatham

10am-12pm North Chatham Hamlet Community

1-3pm Kinderhook Lake Community

Saturday, March 14th:

Tri-Village Firehouse, 111 Co Rd 13, Old Chatham

10am-12pm Chatham Center Hamlet Community

1-3pm Old Chatham Hamlet Community

Saturday, March 21st:

Malden Bridge Community Center, 1087 Albany Tpk, Malden Bridge10am to 12pm Malden Bridge, Rayville, Riders Mills Communities

Saturday, March 28th:

New Concord Meeting House, 2689 County Rd 9, East Chatham
10am-12pm New Concord Hamlet Community

East Chatham Fire Dept, 14 Frisbee Street, East Chatham
1-3pm East Chatham Hamlet Community

If you cannot attend the meetings, please feel free to contact the Comprehensive Plan Update Review Committee to voice your opinions.

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