NEW LEADERSHIP Voted in to Stop the Oppressive Zoning!

By a landslide victory of, Donal Collins is our new Town Supervisor Elect, defeating Maria Lull by 2:1.

In another striking defeat, Vance Pitkin and Abi Mesick will step into the Town Councilmen seats, beating Michael Richardon and Gabriella Sperry again 2:1.

We are all so grateful for all of our citizens who spent countless hours reading the zoning laws, coming to meetings, sending us emails, and working hard to keep Chatham rural.

Now that the election is over, let’s all reach across the aisle and work together! Join committees and stay involved!

Congratulations, Chatham!

Donal Collins: 915
Maria Lull: 496
Richards Hallock: 30

Vance Pitkin: 930
Abi Mesick: 921
Michael Richardson: 509
Gabriella Sperry: 497

SAM Party of New York Endorses Donal Collins for Chatham Town Supervisor

Focus on engaging the community earns Donal Collins SAM Party Nomination

October 2, 2019 — SAM Party of New York Chairman Michael Volpe today announced the endorsement of Donal Collins for Chatham Town Supervisor. Collins is part of a wave of residents who are looking for a way to break through partisan politics to get results for their community.

SAM Party of New York was founded to support candidates who are involved in their local communities and dedicated to getting things done. The SAM Party interviewed more than 200 candidates across New York State interested in running on the SAM Party line and promoting SAM’s principles of good government, transparency, and engaging residents to build solutions that work.

“The SAM Party is supporting candidates like Collins who are dedicated to improving the public engagement in their community and improving public discourse around important issues Chatham’s residents face,” said SAM Party of New York Chair Michael Volpe. “Donal’s understanding of the local economy across multiple sectors and efforts to increase economic opportunity for Chatham’s residents make us proud to nominate him for Chatham Town Supervisor. We encourage residents to vote for Donal Collins on the SAM Party line on November 5th.” 

“Chatham is a township of great diversity and I would like to see this defining characteristic brought to not only the town board, but the public participation in its deliberations as well,” said Chatham Town Supervisor Candidate Donal Collins. “I want to thank the SAM Party for nominating me for Town Supervisor. Their message of for ‘people over politics,’ is exactly how I believe elected officials should lead, and as Supervisor I promise to represent the concerns of all Chatham citizens regardless of party affiliation.”

For more information about SAM and what we stand for visit

Meet Donal Collins, our next Town Supervisor!

What is SAM?

SAM is New York’s New Party – an inclusive party, not separated by an aisle. SAM is about people who don’t want to be in a “red” or “blue” box, but want to come together for change and solutions.

Town Board Candidates: Donal, Vance & Abi – Bring Trust & Balance Back to the Board

Vance Pitkin (Town Council), Donal Collins (Town Supervisor), Abi Mesick (Town Council)

For Balanced Town Government

Download your absentee ballot here!

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Meet Donal Collins, Vance Pitkin, and Abi Mesick the candidates running to replace the Town Supervisor and Councilmen whose terms are running out (Mari Lull, Bob Balcom, and Michael Richardson).

  • Bring balance to the Town Board
  • Make certain that Chatham’s zoning reflects the needs of our rural community and protects our natural resources
  • Encourage public outreach that is effective, consistent and sincere
  • Maintain diverse and independent boards and committees
  • Ensure Chatham remains family-friendly, farm-friendly and business-friendly
  • Revisit and update the comprehensive plan
  • Address and set affordable fee schedules
  • Develop a plan for controlled economic growth with input from the public

Donal, Vance, and Abi believe that Chatham belongs to all of its residents- not just a few. No matter what our party affiliation is, how long we have lived here, or what neighborhood we live in, we need to unite.

Please help us bring back balance and accountability to the Chatham Town Board.

Please VOTE on Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Donal Collins: Town Supervisor

“My name is Donal Collins, and I am running for Chatham Town Supervisor. River Road in Chatham has been my home for most of my life. My parents, both teachers, grew sweet corn and kept some livestock. With my partner Abi, and step sons Ethan and Jacob, we have carried on the farming tradition. We sell hay, compost, eggs, small fruit, and beef on the hoof. Before settling back down at home, after graduating from Chatham Central School, I earned Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Mechanical Engineering from Tulane University. In addition to tending to the daily operation of the farm, I am employed by 3D PhotoWorks/Nancy Scans in the village of Chatham, as a CAD/CAM engineer.

Although a registered Democrat for most of my life, I am switching to no-party affiliation for this important position. Chatham is a township of great diversity, and I would like to see this defining characteristic brought to not only the town board, but also to the public participation in its deliberations as well. I hope to represent the concerns of all Chatham citizens.”

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Meet Donal Collins, our next Town Supervisor!

Vance Pitkin: Town Council

vance pitkin“I’ve lived in Columbia County since 1992 and will be celebrating my 23rd year in business, in the Village of Chatham, this month. During this time, I have witnessed many changes to our diverse community. I have been a lifelong Republican and fiscal conservative and have served in the past on the Chatham Republican Committee. My longtime partner, Jennifer Lawrence and I, have lived in Old Chatham for almost 20 years, where we maintain a small horse farm. My years as an independent small business person, volunteer fire fighter and part time farmer have afforded me an opportunity to see life in our special town from many different perspectives. I feel these perspectives give me insight and ability to represent a broad cross section of residents. My ability to listen is one of my strong points and, if elected, I will consider all concerns of my fellow residents and endeavor to represent them equally. The current board appears to have lost sight of their job as public servants and I see a need for a proper balance between preservation of rural nature and protection of property rights.”

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Abi Mesick: Town Council

abi mesick“Part of Chatham’s charm is its diversity; full time, most of the time, part time, and passing through. People, farm land, wood land, development, and village. Modest homes for modest means and mansions for millionaires, mobile homes and manufactured housing, airbnb’s and apartments. For all of us to enjoy this wonderful town we need to be sure that our laws and fees are reasonable. Our zoning should never be used to make areas of our town exclusive or make someone feel that they just do not belong here anymore. In order to keep Chatham a friendly and inclusive town we need to safeguard a balance on the town board. I am offering to help with this important, ongoing job.”

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Check the candidates Facebook pages to see when they’ll be conducting “Meet and Greets” and educate yourself on their viewpoints! Volunteer and offer your help to get them elected!

Support the Friends of Donal, Vance & Abi!

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