Regionally, the misalignment between the economy and its demographics is of grave concern

Take some time to look at this report, OUT OF ALIGNMENT
– it’s a must-read for all, especially those who want to find ways for our younger generation to afford to stay!

“Regionally, the misalignment between the economy and its demographics is of grave concern. Overall population growth is essentially flat, and in many areas is declining, dramatically impacting school enrollment. The rapid decline in K-12 population impacts not just our schools, but the availability of a homegrown workforce. The data reflects that the region is getting older, and people are having fewer children than needed to replace the population. Young working-age people, if given the opportunity, leave to seek employment elsewhere, and if they stay, are postponing the formation of families due to the cost of living. Furthermore, high-paying jobs lost in the last two decades have made way for low-skill, low-wage jobs often resulting in workers having to hold down two jobs just to balance their budget.

The ramifications of these trends are alarming.”

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Please read and share. You can also download the full 44-page Part 1 here.

We’ll keep checking back and share Part 2 when that is available, which will include some suggestions for improvements.

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