NEW LEADERSHIP Voted in to Stop the Oppressive Zoning!

By a landslide victory of, Donal Collins is our new Town Supervisor Elect, defeating Maria Lull by 2:1.

In another striking defeat, Vance Pitkin and Abi Mesick will step into the Town Councilmen seats, beating Michael Richardon and Gabriella Sperry again 2:1.

We are all so grateful for all of our citizens who spent countless hours reading the zoning laws, coming to meetings, sending us emails, and working hard to keep Chatham rural.

Now that the election is over, let’s all reach across the aisle and work together! Join committees and stay involved!

Congratulations, Chatham!

Donal Collins: 915
Maria Lull: 496
Richards Hallock: 30

Vance Pitkin: 930
Abi Mesick: 921
Michael Richardson: 509
Gabriella Sperry: 497

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