Response to the Incumbent Mailer

Local elections should not be partisan. They have nothing to do with national politics. They are personal, impacting our day-to-day lives in an intimate way. Having trust in our officials is critical for citizens to feel hopeful and confident in our leadership.

Bob Linville shares his concerns regarding a recent misleading mailing by the incumbents.

To the Residents of Chatham,

The Democrats’ mailer of August 2nd is audacious, pompous and misleading.  It demands a response to correct the perception it creates.

Claiming that an inherited budget deficit existed four years ago is wrong.  Monies moving around between accounts as the need dictates does not show a built-in deficit.  To talk of a structural deficit is to speak of something that is not there.  And what is a zero-based budget anyway?  Gobbledygook to impress. 

Further, there have always been reserve funds for different purposes in the Town.  Again, those funds are created and used as necessary.  They are then replenished as necessary.  Holding tax increases to 2% is not heroism.  It has always been done and is the state law.  There is no triumphant success here, just noisy back-patting.

Further, puffing about increasing the number of meetings, committees and participants is no more than gassing.  When is a meeting a product?  Anyone who has attended the Town Board or Committee meetings knows there is no real exchange of ideas leading to modification of decisions.  Questions are not answered except with promises of answers later. 

Only heavy pressure causes the Board to react at all.  When it does react, the response is grudging and often displays contempt for the citizen.  It is clear the Board members do not like or respect the citizens of Chatham or their well-being at all.  The proposed zoning law and its choking requirements make that clear.

Lastly, listing goals like business development, park improvements or less expensive housing is tiresome and obvious.  What has happened, really, in the last four years?  Everything is in the future and we are told member re-election is necessary for it.  I think not.

Bob Linville
Old Chatham

#TruthMatters #TrustMatters

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