Mark Your Calendars!

These Q&A meetings may be the last opportunity for residents to voice their opinions before the board votes. They are asking for our help to craft laws WE want to live with, so HELP!

They are only scheduling Q&As one at a time now. The first time we don’t show up or no more questions are asked, the smaller meetings are over. These meetings are very productive and a fantastic opportunity to truly discuss issues in a smaller, more communicative setting!

Ask every question you have. Please spread the word!!

Since these smaller Q&A meetings are not part of the public record (because there is not a quorum of the board present, please email your questions to the Town Board and cc the Town Clerk so that your questions WILL be a part of the public record!

Check the Town of Chatham website for updates and agendas!

Next Q&A for Public to Meet with Town Board Members on Proposed Zoning Law:

Wednesday, August 20th, 5:00-7:00:
Councilman Kevin Weldon and Michael Richardson

Location: Town Hall, 488 Rte 295

NOTE: This is the last Q&A on the calendar, but they promised they would keep having these meetings until no one shows up… so SHOW UP!

Next Board Meetings at Town Hall:

The board will be workshopping proposed changes to the zoning laws on the following dates. Please come and see what is being discussed!

Thursday, August 8th, 6pm
Monday, August 12th: 6pm 
Monday, August 26th: 6pm
Thursday, August 29th: 6pm

Location: Town Hall, 488 Rte 295

If you cannot attend the meetings, it is imperative you contact the Town of Board to voice your concerns and put them on the public record. CLICK HERE for their email addresses.

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