Mark Your Calendars!

The Town Board of Chatham has posted a red-line version of the proposed zoning laws, comparing what was presented to us back in June to what changes they might implement based on the Q&As where the citizens brought up hundreds of issues.

Not all of the questions you asked at the Tri-Village Firehouse have been addressed. Not all of the questions citizens still had were addressed before they cut off Q&As.

Now they are finally having a new Q&A on Monday, October 14th from 6 to 8pm at the Chatham Town Hall, 488 Rte 295.


Be there. Just like you were there at the Tri-Village Firehouse. If your issues with these laws were not addressed, speak up. If you discovered new issues, or things you wanted changed and thought were being changed based on the Q&As you attended but didn’t make it to the red-line version, then speak up.

If not now, then when?

Never forget, they were going to vote this overbearing law through on June 20th if you hadn’t stopped them. But you demanded change and change happened.

KEEP SPEAKING UP until this law finally represents the type of zoning our rural community wants. The type of zoning YOU want to live with.

Here’s a link to the new red-lined version.

PLEASE SHARE and spread the word!

#ChathamStrong #ChathamUnited #TrustMatters

We hope they change their minds, so please check the Chatham website for updates to the calendar.

Check the Town of Chatham website for updates and agendas!

Next Q&A for Public to Meet with Town Board Members on Proposed Zoning Law:

Monday, October 14th 6pm to 8pm

Location: Town Hall, 488 Rte 295

CLICK HERE for the new red-lined version to see if your requested changes were made.

NOTE: Please take a look at the red-lined version of the proposed zoning law. If your question and concern wasn’t addressed, come to the Q&A and find out why… or ask new questions. There are many still left unanswered.

Next Board Meetings at Town Hall:

Location: Town Hall, 488 Rte 295

If you cannot attend the meetings, it is imperative you contact the Town of Board to voice your concerns and put them on the public record. CLICK HERE for their email addresses.

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