Open Letter to Town Board

To the Chatham Town Board,

To be clear, I am writing representing only myself, no others or 

First I would recognize the overwhelming time and effort the Chatham 
Board has invested in the present zoning proposition.

Thank you.

Though you are not done.  It has become clear many of the town residents 
are unaware of a zoning change effort.  Once aware, they are not in 
agreement.  All this in three weeks, some would say “the eleventh 
hour.”  Only through the efforts of a few Chatham residents has 
the proposition come to light to many of the populace.

Recognizing the tenure of the town board without criticism; A first term 
Supervisor.  An appointee.  Two once-elected members. The last member to 
vote and move away, not to be a resident.  Five people.

Well aware of the legal right for the five to bring this to conclusion, 
I suggest this all encompassing proposition, (changing the aura of our 
town), is grand enough to be compared to a school’s budget.  Devised by 
a board it is then sent to the public for decision.  So it should be for 
this proposition.  


The board should otherwise be spending its valuable time educating.  To 
include, but not limited to; meetings, survey(s), flyers, internet 
notice(s), etc.  While I admire the ability of the board to make this 
decision, I admire the public’s more. There is plenty of time until 

The second Tuesday of November, the moving board member will still be 
here, to vote and influence until the end.  Let alone all the rest.  We 
are all stakeholders in this town.  Here one day, one year, one decade 
or generation.  I don’t care if the family came over on the Mayflower, 
we all share common responsibility.

Come November, Yea or Nay.  We will all share the result.

Be well.  Ted Miner

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