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Why have the Chatham Town Board and Supervisor dismissed us?

“My father and Judy may not walk among us today, but they will forever be a part of the heartbeat of our community. In fact, Judy [Grunberg] told me many times that for the very first time in her life, she would not be voting the Democrat line. The Board may not have heard Judy, but I did. I will be voting for Donal Collins, Vance Pitkin and Abi Mesick on November 5th.”

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SAM Party of New York Endorses Donal Collins for Chatham Town Supervisor

The SAM Party interviewed more than 200 candidates across New York State interested in running on the SAM Party line and promoting SAM’s principles of good government, transparency, and engaging residents to build solutions that work. They proudly chose to support Donal Collins for Chatham Town Supervisor!

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